At age 8, my parents signed me up for theatre camp because I didn't have any friends or hobbies.  Good thing they did, because once that flame was ignited, it would become a lifelong passion for the craft and obsession with being the best me I can be.  I even got a fancy degree and everything!!

I pride myself on my versatility; from stage to screen, from Shakespeare to Sondheim, I like to think I can do a little bit of everything. I pride myself, too, on my passion and compassion. I believe every audition, every rehearsal, every performance is an opportunity to make a lasting impression.  

I love what I do, and I do all I can to make that love show through my work. 

I love what I do so much, that I created my own theatre company called Yorick Ensemble. We are still a young company but look forward to creating new works, new adaptations of old works, and everything inbetween. To learn more about Yorick Ensemble, please visit the website HERE!